Lockdown and Opening of Schools in Nepal

Lockdown and Opening of Schools in Nepal
August 6, 2020 Shaping Young Minds
All schools in Nepal have been closed since March 13th, forcing over 8 million students to stay home.
The government had been unsuccessful in creating an alternative learning methods. Since the nation isn’t equally developed, technology has not been introduced to most parts of the country and therefore remote learning is not an option. The ideas of online, radio or television classes has failed to work in rural areas. Sadly, many students will never return to school as their economic situation will force them to seek work instead.
The local governments, aware of the situation, are preparing to reopen schools as fast as possible to continue the academic year and recover losses caused by the lockdown. If all goes well, we hope to see our children back in school this week. They need our help more than ever and SYMF will make every effort to keep them in school so that their education will not be interrupted.


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