SYMF Team Appreciation Week

SYMF Team Appreciation Week
April 1, 2020 Shaping Young Minds

Our volunteer program is arguably one of the most effective and important initiatives that we offer through SYMF. Each school year, a group of college students studying social work volunteer to travel from Kathmandu to rural Nepal to assist in SYMF schools. Our volunteers commit to a two month stay in Aghinchowk, a remote village in the Dhading district of Nepal. Before leaving from Kathmandu, the twenty volunteers for the 2019-2020 school year were divided into four groups. Each group was assigned different work for the duration of their residency in Aghinchowk.

With their help, we have gained the trust of the community, the schools, and our dear students who feel safe and happy around them. The volunteers helped us to keep an eye on each child by monitoring their performance and solving their problems. We are really thankful that these dedicated individuals have chosen to work with SYMF. We will always be grateful for their continuous support that enables our program to run smoothly and efficiently.



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