Thank you, Roju!

Thank you, Roju!
April 3, 2020 Shaping Young Minds

Roju Karki, who graduated with a degree in social work, has been involved with the Shaping Young Minds Foundation since May 2019 and wears many hats within the organization. He helps us with the management and safety of the volunteers and staff during field visits.

Roju also acts as a liaison and keeps rapport between the community people and the SYMF staff. He is familiar with the community and the ward members, which has made it easy for us to work efficiently in Aghinchowk. On top of all that, Roju also worked as a volunteer with us for the November to December session last year, where he conducted a survey of our children. We would like to thank Roju for his continuous support that makes this project run smoothly!


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